All New Revamped Smart Assistant On ColorOS 6.0

we all know that ColorOS 6 update is just around the corner and it brings lots of new stuff your smartphone and we all gonna have its taste real soon😋. So, today we are going to discuss about the new revamped smart assistant that is present on the new ColorOS 6.

For those who don’t know about smart assistant, you can enable it by going through settings > smart and convenient > smart assistant.

Before starting I want to tell you that our new smart assistant in ColorOS 6 brings some plenty of new feature with all those old and important useful features as well. So, before starting, here’s a quick view of what you get on the new smart assistant.


Now, lets begin😎

New interface

So, first of all lets talk about the new interface that you get. On the new smart assistant on ColorOS 6, you can see there are noticible changes out there. Such as- calendar is added, match, new arrangement, etc. (Refer to the screenshot below for comparison)


(On the left you can see smart assistant on ColorOS 5.2 and on the right, you can see the new smart assistant in ColorOS 6.0)

Quick functions

For me, the quick function is the most useful feature that we get on the smart assistant. Here you can add those apps that you use more frequently and access them with just a single swipe. And wait there’s more, you also get some cool features like scan documents, photo translator, scan card and currency converter.


Note- regarding the photo translator, it only supports only 2 languages, that is hindi and english. It means you can translate fron Hindi to English and English to Hindi using photo translator. (Here is a screenshot for reference).




I feel this feature is very useful for most of the people, i.e- match. Here you can add matches to get live scores at one go. No need to stick to T.V, no need to head to websites, no need to download any third party apps, just a single swipe and you will get the information/scores of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s matches at just one go.


You can add different type of matches, like- IPL, ICC, Premier League, etc. (Refer to the below screenshot for more info)


Step tracker

Our last but not the least topic, step tracker. Ever wondered how much you walk everyday, every week or every month? With step tracker you can track down the distance that you cover on daily basis, weekly basis or even monthly basis along with the number of steps count providing you an idea how much do you walk everyday (Well, only if you carry your phone with you😅).


Step tracker interface on ColorOS 6

Note- the information provided by the step tracker is not accurate but still it can give you a rough data on the distance covered and step count.

If you think thats all for today then you are wrong😎. Before finishing this topic I just wanted to ask you, What is your highest record in a single month in the step tracker?

For me its 110.4 KM with 1,64,733 steps count. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof 😏.


Do let me know your highest record in step tracker as well.😎

(For those who are wondering about the interface of my step tracker, let me tell you I am still on ColorOS 5.2 that is why the interface is kinda old)

So, with this I just want to conclude this topic and wanna thanks to Maitreyi for providing the necessary stuff for this post.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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