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Chroma Boost feature in Realme 3

Camera’s Chroma Boost feature in Realme 3. Which is enhance the color contrast and saturation level in a photo with very good quality detailing? Chroma boost is a feature who clicks a photo in some second of delay when you click your camera shutter. Because Chroma boost uses the lighting in your photo when you click your shutter this feature import light from outdoor in just some second and put this light in your photo for enhancing color saturation.

The chroma Boost feature is drafted by the advanced HDR mode & flash settings. This will obviously give you a better color correction, will control the noise of the picture and enrich the entire frame. To enable this feature you can tap on the second icon from the top. 

How to use

  • Open your Camera in your smartphone if Chroma Boost feature available.
  • Click this type of icon gave in upper photos.
  • Focus your photos and click the capture button and wait for 3-4 second photos will automatically save in your phone.

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1 Comment

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