Only 8 Smartphones will get Realme OS update?

As we know that the new Operating System of Realme OS is coming. and according to source this OS based on the latest Android 10. And Realme also announces the list of the 8 smartphones which will get Android 10 update in 2020.

  1. realme 3 pro
  2. realme 5 pro
  3. realme X
  4. realme XT
  5. realme 3
  6. realme 5
  7. realme 3i
  8. realme 2 Pro

And According to report of XDA-Developer, Talking about Realme OS – the CEO said, “if we have any sort of OS, all the devices will have the same thing. All the devices from Realme 1 to the last one we will have launched. That is very clear.”

“We don’t stick to that basically, certain devices will only get certain features. All our features from our Rs 5,000 phone go up to Rs 30,000 phone so that everybody can enjoy those features. We never categorize the features according to the price point.”

                                                                                                             Mr. Madhav Sheth, CEO, Realme
So two things come out here, first Only 8 smartphone will get Realme OS update if Realme OS based on Android 10. or second Realme OS will not be based on Android 10.
 Note – Here is no official confirmation about Realme OS update, This report is only based on some trusted sources. If any official statement come about Realme OS then we will inform you…..

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