Top Camera Features of Realme X2 Pro

Realme invited video director, National Geographic signing photographer Aaron Huey and Realme team to cooperate in depth to upgrade mobile camera capabilities. After hundreds of tests and debugging, Realme X2 Pro will eventually have better color performance in complex urban scenes. Here we are sharing some Top Camera Features of Realme X2 Pro.

Camera Features of Realme X2 Pro

1. 64 Megapixel ultra-clear master photo

Realme X2 Pro extraordinary 64-megapixel main camera, compared with 48megapixel number increased by 33.3%, with 1 / 1.72 inch super large bottom, allowing you to take excellent photos in any scene. Straight out 9280×6944 ultra-high resolution photos for 3.6m outdoor advertising. 

2. Super Night View 2.0

The bottom level is one level, and the night scene is more level! Realme X2 Pro The newly upgraded Super Night View 2.0 feature makes the night scene even better. The Super Night Scene 2.0 algorithm’s composite multi-frame synthesis engine suppresses highlight over-exposure and noise enhances dark detail and overall brightness and fits the 1/1.72-inch main camera outsole for exceptional night scenes.

3. Super Rejuvenation

Realme exclusive super rejuvenation mode, let you bid farewell to the filter, easily take a rich color, more textured photos, without the late, directly share the circle of friends.

4. 20x Hybrid Zoom

 Realme X2 Pro‘s AI Smart Zoom enables 5x hybrid optical zoom and supports up to 20x hybrid zoom, more photographic angles, full focal length, and close-range close-up.

Realme X2 Pro 20x Zoom In Action Is Really Impressive

5. video super wide-angle

This is also one of the unique features of Realme X2 Pro. The wide-angle camera feature is normally seen in the photography features of the mobile camera. But this time you will use it in Video. zoom 360% of the viewing range, the phone can also record unprecedented super wide-angle video.

6. Video real-time blur

This is also a mobile photography feature. In this feature, you can use a Large aperture depth of field effect, easy to take a close-up shot of the movie.

7. 960fps slow-motion video

The slow-motion videos also create in this smartphone with 960fps. slow down 32 times, condense wonderful moments, fun between milliseconds.

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