Oppo registers highest patent in China in September

Oppo is always known for trying something new. According to Sina Technology News, the State Intellectual Property Office announced in September 2019 invention patents show that OPPO ranked 266 patents granted by the patent holders (not merged by rights holders) First, in August, OPPO ranked third in the country with 316 pieces.

The patents for inventions covered in the September announcement are mainly concentrated in Electronic Communication Technology,(calculation; calculation; counting, measurement; testing, basic electrical components and medical or veterinary; hygiene. Five major categories. In the computation; calculation; counting category, OPPO ranked first with 101 invention patent grants, which is the first time that OPPO has been ranked first in the category for two consecutive months since February 2019.

  In the field of traditionally advantageous telecommunications technology, OPPO ranked second with 138 invention patents. Among the top ten inventors of basic electrical components, OPPO was the only intelligent terminal manufacturer in the top ten, and OPPO was once again selected for the list and ranked second in the country with 29 inventions.

According to public data, as of September 2019, OPPO’s global patent applications exceeded 38,000, and the number of authorized applications exceeded 12,000. Among them, the number of invention patent applications exceeds 32,000, the patent application for inventions accounts for 84% of all patent applications; the number of utility model patents is 3578, the number of design patents is 795, and the number of PCT international applications is 3036. In the 5G field of one of the main research and development channels, OPPO currently continuously distributes 5G communication standard patents in more than 20 countries and regions around the world and has completed more than 2,500 global patent applications so far.

  According to OPPO’s plan, 10 billion R&D funds will be invested in 2019 to enhance the R&D innovation and technical reserves of the company, and expand the R&D team to more than 10,000. In addition, in order to promote the global market expansion, OPPO is accelerating the pace of global patent distribution through self-researched technology patent protection and high-value technology patent acquisition. (Zhang Jun)

OPPO Vice President First statement about ColorOS 7

OPPO Vice President First statement about ColorOS 7

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