OPPO will launch the first dual-mode 5G smartphone this year

Tang Hai, the chief 5G scientist of OPPO, was invited to attend the Qualcomm 5G Summit and participate in the 5G special forum. Tang Hai said that 5G mobile phones are about to usher in the stage of large-scale development. OPPO will launch the world’s first mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm dual-mode 5G chips before the end of the year, and support SA and NSA. OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren Weibo also confirmed the information.

Tang Hai pointed out that OPPO’s 5G technology and products are highly competitive on a global scale and are constantly gaining new market opportunities. He said, “After the efforts of the whole industry, 5G is in the stage of high-speed popularization, and consumers in some countries and regions have already tasted OPPO 5G mobile phones in advance. We hope to better meet the needs of different countries and regions in the world through a new generation of 5G dual-mode products. Consumers are driving 5G to become more popular and more widely available worldwide.”

In May 2019r, OPPO and Swiss Telecom officially released the OPPO Reno 5G version, which is also the first 5G commercial mobile phone to be launched in Europe. OPPO also brought the first 5G experience to domestic consumers through the 5G Spark Program in conjunction with China’s three major operators. According to Tang Hai, OPPO has actively cooperated with dozens of operators around the world to accelerate the commercial deployment of 5G worldwide.

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