Android 10: ColorOS 6.7 New features

OPPO set to launched ColorOS 7 on November 20th in china that brings some new features. As you know Android 10 is official and OPPO’s ColorOS has taken the note. The company has made some significant upgrades to the already baked-in features. The new version, named ColorOS 6.7, brings home a polished interface, clutter-free design, and privacy and security related features. Here are some ColorOS 6.7 New Features.

Android 10: ColorOS 6.7 New features

#1. The Smart Assistant

From the above snap, It can be noted that the alignment is completely changed. The look is now more attractive and usable. Few functions are added to the list to help users in a smart way. A new tab to display the Balance details of your SIM card is now added. The quick functions tab is completely reorganized and easier to use it now. Also, some other notable changes were made, which you can see once the complete launch of it.

#2. The Notification Panel

The older versions of ColorOS are said to have little old fashioned Notification Panel. And after many turns, it got changed to a new one is V6.0. But yet, many users felt the icons are too big which made it look bad. After listening to many such users’ feedbacks, the icons are now minimized and look good. Also, the 1st pull of it got improved and it brings only half part of the panel. This makes users tempt them to use V6.7
#3. The Volume Bar
This is also one of the most reported things to change the design of Volume Bar. With this version, many users hope came true. Now the Volume bar is more stylish and unique. It is easily used with one-handed mode also won’t interrupt the screen. This is also a huge change made in this version compared to older versions.
#4. The Smart Side Bar
The Smart Side Bar is one of the most useful functions which is launched with version 5.2. After rolling in successors of it, now the look is changed, which exactly depicts the “Side Bar“. The function is now with a single column and easy to operate.
#5. The Floating Apps
This mode of app opening is very useful for quick actions. In past versions, we have noticed a floating option for some chatting apps. But now it is extended to some more useful apps. When we open apps from Smart Side Bar, few apps like Calculator can be opened as a floating app. It will help the user to calculate in a better way and also can check the values easily from the background. Some more important apps may add to this list in upcoming updates…

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