New Features of ColorOS 7 will remind you to find a shared charging treasure.

We have already shared the launch date of Realme ColorSO 7. That is 20th November in China and 26th November in India. Today we are sharing one more exclusive news about ColorOS 7.

ColorOS designers have exposed a new feature of ColorOS 7, which can intelligently remind nearby shared charging treasures. For example, when the power is lower than that, it will remind you to find a shared charging treasure. And with the help of the feature, you can find charging points nearby and this feature will also navigate you with the charging point address.


Previously, ColorOS designer Chen Xi _CHRISCHEN expressed the design inspiration or code name that called “Killer Whale” and pursuit of ColorOS 7. It said that the ultra-high moving speed, the killer whales in the dolphins are a few ethnic groups that are difficult to be attached by barnacles. Not only that, but the killer whale’s swimming is full of a sense of agility, and the whole process is flowing.

All of this and my expectations for products gradually overlap: it is beautiful, with speed and strength, but also has a brain of emotion and wisdom, light, elegant, powerful, and intelligent.


Here’s the list of Oppo devices that will get the ColorOS 7

Here’s the list of Realme devices that will get the ColorOS 7


ColorOS 7 Features

ColorOS 7 beta program registration for the Realme devices

ColorOS 7 Official Video released

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