Realme will launch its first 5G phone soon- Realme CMO says

As technology is advancing, so we are seeing new changes in mobile whether it is in software or hardware. Many mobile companies have launched 5G mobiles. But right now there are many countries where 5G network has not been launched and some countries are also where 5G testing is going on.

According to the Chinese source, in order to prepare for the 5G outbreak, from November 14 to 16, the 2019 China Mobile Global Partner Conference was officially held. This exhibition with the theme of “5G+ Infinite Future” also attracted more than 200 exhibitors. More than 4,000 people attended the main forum. The purpose of this conference is to officially clarify the rhythm of the 5G mobile phone market in 2020.

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To talk about the mobile phone brand that promotes 5G, the mobile phone brand realme has to be mentioned. In the afternoon of November 15th, China Mobile announced the 5G forerunner industry alliance plan, and also announced 5G partners, realme’s name is impressive. In addition, realme CMO Xuqi is also celebrating the entry into the program, but also said that they will fully promote the popularization of 5G mobile phones to thousands of households next year, which means that they will become the first brand to launch the second generation of 5G mobile phones.

Realme also said that it will launch 5G smartphones in India as soon as the 5G networks are ready to roll out. But the company has not confirmed whether we will see 5G phones this year or next year from Realme in India.

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