A new look, lighter and faster ColorOS 7

According to a report released by Trustdata in July this year, OPPO achieved the No. 1 sales of domestic mobile phone brands with a 23.4% share in the first half of 2019. This time Oppo has launched A new look, lighter and faster ColorOS 7.

OPPO held the second press conference for ColorOS this year, officially releasing ColorOS 7 on 20th November You can see the shadows of many predecessors in ColorOS 7, but it has its own unique features.

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New Look Of ColorOS 7

The icons are visible, the wallpapers are visible, the animations are visible, and the text is visible. These are all changes in this version of the ColorOS system.

Under the default icon, the system desktop setting function has added a custom function option, the user can customize the icon style, shape, size according to personal preference, and can also beautify the icon using the “Art+ icon” provided by the design room.

After redrawing the icons and providing custom functions, the ColorOS 7 icons are also optimized for the color characteristics of the OLED screen.

For example, they have adjusted the color of the icons so that each icon does not look too rich due to hardware.

As for the ordinary interactive pages, ColorOS 7 has also achieved the simplification of the maximum, and strives for more “white” space, instead of various irregular lines and tight layout.

Therefore, in this update, such as the system settings page, the preloaded App has a completely different look, the various lines used for segmentation are eliminated, and the typesetting of the fonts is also vertical and organized from the previous compact wind.

All-weather dark mode of ColorOS 7

“All-weather dark mode” can be said to be one of these updates of ColorOS 7. Compared with the normal dark mode, this function not only “blackens” the ColorOS menus and preloaded apps, but also globalizes the pages of third-party apps.

From the current beta features, the dark mode can already support 45 third-party apps, I believe that there will be more programs and better display performance in the later version.

ColorOS design director Chen Xi said that after turning on the dark mode, the power consumption of the mobile phone can be reduced by up to 38%.

Finally, there are some details of the upgrade, I will simplify these details into points:

  • Increase end-to-cloud intelligent compilation technology, self-learning user app usage habits, intelligently optimize system hardware utilization (memory utilization increased by 40%), system fluency (up 30%), response speed (15%)
  • Added “Password Book” function, only need to verify fingerprint every time you use the password
  • Added portrait mode 2.0, three-dimensional face landscaping, intelligently adjust skin tone
  • Added “Polar Night Mode”, which automatically triggers noise suppression below 1 lux ambient light
  • WeChat albums can also use the system-level intelligent sorting feature.
  • Added Soloop video editing software

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