All Realme Mobile Based Version List

Realme is the Chinese smartphone manufacturer company which was officially established on May 4, 2018. It was a subbrand of OPPO Electronics Corporation until its separation in 2018, after which it became its own brand under the Chinese multinational firm BBK Electronics. Here is a list of Realme mobile-based version which depends on software update and which changes with every new update.

Realme Mobile-Based Version List

Realme X2 Pro— RMX1931EX_11_A.07

Realme XT——- RMX1921EX_11.A.13

Realme X——– RMX1901EX_11_A.10

Realme 5s——- RMX1911EX_11_A.20

Realme 5 Pro—- RMX1971EX_11_A.13

Realme 5——— RMX1911EX_11_A.18

Realme 3 Pro—– RMX1851EX_11.A.20

Realme 3i——– RMX1821EX_11.A.24

Realme 3——— RMX1821EX_11.A.24

Realme U1——- RMX1831EX_11_C.15

Realme 2 Pro—- RMX1801EX_11_C.25

Realme 2——– RMX1805EX_11_A.62

Realme C2——- RMX1941EX_11.A.20

Realme C1——- RMX1805EX_11_A.62

Realme 1——– CPH1861EX_11_C.45


NOTEThe last number of all mobile-based versions will change with their new updates.

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