ColorOS 7 Game Assistant Give You Better Gaming Experience

The ColorOS 7 has already launched globally and its trial version is about to start very soon for Oppo and Realme smartphone user. The company is dedicated to offering strong and smooth gameplay experience with this new update. The company has rolled out a new update that claims to reduce major issues like unresponsiveness, lagging and dropped frame rate. This time you will get to see ColorOS 7 Improve Gaming Performance.

Here’s the list of Realme devices that will get the ColorOS 7 [Updated]

Here’s the list of Oppo devices that will get the ColorOS 7 [Updated]

ColorOS 7 Game Assistant

Customize your gaming experience. Focus on winning. Focus on having fun. Game Assistant is one of the settings on Game Space. This will enable a Smart Sidebar. The features are limited compared to Smart Sidebar and focus on maximizing your gaming experience. See Smart Sidebar.

ColorOS Game Assistant has 6 main features

  1. Reject Calls
  2. Block Notification
  3. Screenshot
  4. Screen Record
  5. Play AFK
  6. Replay in Floating

To enable Game Assistant. Go to  [Settings] > [Game Space] > then toggle [Game Assistant] to green.

While playing, here are the features that Game Assistant will of use to you:

#1. Block Notifications

When No Notification is enabled, their won’t be any banner notifications or even a sound while playing whether in the horizontal and vertical screen.

#2. Reject Call

You won’t receive any calls when this is enabled.

#3. Play AFK

Tapping this will make you swipe from any place on the screen to unlock the screen. It will also show the remaining battery that you have.


#4. Screenshot

Take a screenshot while playing your game. You either tap the Screenshot or use the 3-finger gesture or press and hold the volume down and power buttons. See Taking Screenshots


#5. Screen Recording

If you want to record your great moves and tactics, tap Screen Recording.

#6. Replay Floating Message

Check your WhatsApp, Messaging app, messages while playing. Just Tap on it.

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