Realme will focus on 5G and AIoT in 2020 says CEO Li Bingzhong

Recently, Realme CEO Li Bingzhong mentioned 5G in an interview with 36 氪. At the same time, he also revealed another focus of realme’s future layout, which is AIoT.

According to Li Bingzhong, Realme will launch 5G smartphones at full price next year, Realme knows as low-cost and high-quality products, let users know in advance that realme is here. Realme will be the first manufacturer to use Qualcomm’s 865 flagship processor. At the same time, at different price points, they insist on making consumers “surprise” through some differences. This difference is not necessarily a low price. It may also be a better experience at the same price. If the price is low, they will do their best.

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In addition to 5G, another focus of realme is AloT. Perhaps many people are still not very familiar with this concept. It refers to letting users experience a more intelligent life through artificial intelligence technology (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). In Li Bingzhong’s opinion, the foundation for their AloT layout is still 5G. By preempting the entrance to the 5G layout, they will eventually achieve the effects of data and intelligence. Li Bingzhong also stated that the domestic market will be the home base of realme in 2020. Although the essence is still to develop foreign markets, the success of the domestic market is also essential, but it can still provide a better user experience. As for the formation of the loT team, it is also based on the use of industry resources and the premise of maintaining the strength to plan products and prepare for the future.

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