How to connect Realme Buds Air and How to use touch operations

Realme has launched its Realme Buds Air with Realme X2 in India. Realme Buds Air is one of the cheapest wireless earbuds to come with wireless charging support. Realme Buds Air price is Rs 3,999. Taking a look at the design, the Buds look like the Apple AirPods. Buyers can choose Buds Air from three color variants including Black, White, and Yellow. And today we are talking about how to connect Realme Buds Air and how to navigate touch operations.

How to connect Realme Buds Air and How to use touch operations

  • To pair your realme Buds Air for the first time, just open the charging box and press the pairing key for three seconds.
  • Once you press the pairing button, the indicator will flash for 10 seconds which means the realme Buds Air are now in pairing state.
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth of your device and search for near-by devices.
  • You’ll find “realme Buds Air” in the list of available devices. Select “realme Buds Air” to allow pairing.
  • Once the realme Buds Air are paired, you can chose your sharing preferences from ‘Paired Device’ setting menu.

How to Disconnect Realme Buds Air

  • To turn the realme Buds Air OFF, simply put them back in the charging case and they’ll turn off automatically.
  • To re-connect, all you need to do is take them out of the charging case and turn ON Bluetooth in your smartphone and they’ll seamlessly connect in a flash.

How to use Realme Buds Air touch operations

  1. Two Touch to answer the phone or play/pause the music that’s already playing.
  2. Three touch and realme Buds Air will skip to the next song for you.
  3. Press them for 2s during call and they’ll hang up the call immediately.
  4. Press them for 2s when you have an incoming call and the call will be rejected
  5. Press both sides for 2s together and you’ll enter/ exit the gaming mode!
  6. Press them for 2s in stand-by or playback mode and the voice assistant would be there for your help.

Another cool thing is that the moment you take one of them out of your ear while you are listening to a music or watching a video, they’ll pause the content. Once you wear it back, the content would resume again. This is realllly handy and makes the experience so good.

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