ColorOS 7 Alarm clock upgrade, wake up to know the weather

The weather is especially important for people. When the weather gets cold, you need to add clothes. When it ’s raining, you need to bring an umbrella. If the sun is too big, you can also open a parasol for your ticket to show your most handsome side, so It’s a good habit to check the weather before going out. Of course, it is a good habit to check the weather before going out every time, but opening the weather to check the weather is not the most convenient way. Is there any way to check the weather without opening the weather app? The answer is, of course, what the abdominal muscles are about is another useful function of the ColorOS 7 system we just released-the weather alarm clock. You can know the weather and the alarm clock. How can you make people dislike it?

What’s the use of a weather alarm?

On the ColorOS 7 system, the alarm clock has also ushered in a new upgrade. It is no longer limited to a traditional alarm clock. It can hear the weather alarm clock. It is here.

After turning on the weather alarm, the alarm will get the weather condition according to your current location, so the ringtone of the alarm will also change with the weather. Open your eyes every day and do n’t want to look at your phone, you can hear it through the weather alarm The weather in the current area, you do n’t need to enter the weather app to view it anymore. It ’s really a good helper for you in the morning when every minute counts.

Whether it’s school or work, with the weather alarm clock, you can get weather information by going to the alarm clock before going out, and you can really plan ahead.

How to turn on the weather alarm?

When it comes to settings, what do you need to do? You only need to do one more action when setting the alarm clock as usual. This is too simple. Learn from the abdominal muscles!

On the alarm clock interface, click the “+” sign above to bring up the alarm setting interface, and set the alarm time and ringing date.

There is no more setting below, click in and click the ringtone to enter the ringtone setting interface, you can see the weather alarm clock, just select it!

Hear the weather, the interface is also upgraded

Thanks to the “light and borderless” design concept of ColorOS 7, when the weather alarm sounds, the alarm interface is also very comfortable. Compared to the flat bell interface of ColorOS 6, the ColorOS 7’s The alarm bell interface will have a small creative animation with perfect scores. You can experience it yourself when you upgrade to ColorOS 7. The abdominal muscles especially like this alarm clock and the new transition animation of ColorOS 7.

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