Realme Registers “SUPERDART” Patent (Latest Fast Charge Technology)

Realme has registered a trademark as realme’s next fast charging technology, called “SUPERDART”. The logos for the two trademarks shows that they are related to fast charging.

The smartphone industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Nowadays, the fast-paced lifestyle of society has made people high requirements for the battery life of the smartphone. As one of the indicators of mobile phone battery life, fast charging technology has undoubtedly become an important position for major mobile phone manufacturers to compete for.

Realme’s previous fast charge technology is VOOC flash charge technology. It is also equipped with an enhanced version of VOOC flash charge 4.0, which can charge 70% in 30 minutes. Realme SuperDart may be the next generation of fast charging technology for realme, which is undoubtedly very exciting.


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