Realme CEO: 2020 will no longer launch 4G mobile phone

Realme CEO Li Bingzhong issued an open letter on Weibo, stating that “from 2020, realme will fully penetrate into 5G in the Chinese market and no longer launch 4G mobile phone products.” Instead, it will be “leapfrog” into 5G and will support 5G networks from a thousand yuan entry to the high-end flagship. Develop the spirit of the “Dare to Leapfrog” product that Realme has always adhered to, and carry it forward in the 5G era!

At the beginning of last month, the domestic 5G network was officially put into commercial use. Since then, mobile phone manufacturers have hardly introduced 4G mobile phones. At the previous 2019 Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s China mobile phone business department, also announced that China will no longer push 4G mobile phones.

As early as last week, Realme announced that it will release its first dual-mode 5G new machine at the end of the year-the Realme X50. And realme Xu Qi also deliberately interpreted the name of the new machine for netizens: X is the pioneer series that continues the realme phone, and “5” represents the 5G era. This number also seems that this new realme 5G machine is more connected to 5G. The last number “0” represents the first year of the realme’s 5G era.

In summary, although the realme mobile phone has not entered the domestic market for a long time, several products released in various stalls show the dare to leapfrog the young brand. Therefore, when CEO Li Bingzhong Sky said that the realme series will launch 5G new phones in 2020, it caused great expectations from fans. It is believed that from the release of the first dual-mode 5G mobile phone, the Real Me X50, to the new realme models with more gears in the future, users will be pleasantly surprised!

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