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Realme X50 5G front view exposure: Pill punch screen design

Realme set to launch Realme X50 5G on January 7th at Bejing in China, and today realme CMO Xu Qi Chase exposed the front photo of the realme X50 5G mobile phone on Weibo, he took the realme X50 5G mobile phone in hand and showed the positive details of this phone. It can be seen that the realme X50 5G mobile phone uses a pill punch screen design in the upper left corner. The upper and left sides also look narrower. The “chin” is relatively wide.


Previously, According to the current official news, the Realme X50 5G  will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, four rear cameras in the vertical rear position, support dual-channel Wi-Fi and 5G simultaneous online functions, and also the mobile will be equipped with VOOC flash charge 4.0, charging to 70% in 30 minutes. According to the official also said that it also has a full range of charging monitoring, which perfectly balances speed and safety.

It will be featured with a 120Htz display. It will come with a five-dimensional ice-cooled cooling technology that keeps your phone cool! The ice-cooled technology 8mm ultra-large diameter liquid-cooled copper tube, 410mm³ ultra-large volume; liquid-cooled copper tube heat dissipation 3.0; five-dimensional ice-cooled heat dissipation; 100% coverage of core heat sources.

Realme X50 5G’s Charging speed exposure: 70% charge in 30 minutes

Realme X50 a five-dimensional ice-cooled cooling technology

Realme X50 5G leaked render showing vertical camera design

Realme X50 breaking news again! Is this better than the Redmi K30 series?

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