OPPO Reno Ace ColorOS 7 starts the second batch of early adopters

A few days ago, the design director of ColorOS Chen Xi had an interaction with users and mentioned the issue of opening up early adopters. I did not expect that the promises would be delivered in a timely manner. This morning, “Spring” for OPPO Reno Ace users has arrived. ColorOS officially released 5,000 quotas of ColorOS 7 early adopters and upgrade quotas for OPPO Reno Ace users. The quota, the user who missed the upgrade last time, can catch it this time.

How to get ColorOS 7 Update

Users who missed the last upgrade can go to Settings> Software Update> select the settings icon in the upper right corner, and click Upgrade to try out new ones to grab the quota. The rest is waiting to be pushed. Early adopters ColorOS 7 is even closer. 


ColorOS 7 which is the main theme of “light and borderless”. It has built a borderless design 2.0 with “lightness” as its core and has optimized UI, interaction, animation, sound effects, and other aspects. Around “quick”, the innovative functions of ColorOS 7 in smooth use and efficient experience are explained.

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