Mi TV vs Realme TV: What do you think?

Realme has confirmed its smart TV which will be launched in 2020. And you must have seen a lot of smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oneplus, Motorola moving towards smart tv in the recent past. And now Realme’s name will also be added to this list.

Realme to launch TV products in 2020

Mi TV vs Realme TV

As you know, Realme has become Xiaomi’s biggest competitor in the Indian smartphone market. And the same competition can be seen in the field of smart TV too.

Considering how Xiaomi tasted success in India in the Smart TV market, Realme is finding ways to enter the category with its own TVs. It remains a disruptor in the budget smartphone market, and hence the Realme Smart TVs are expected to be the same.

What do you expect from Realme TV?

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Realme’s plans for 2020?

Realme’s Performance In 2019

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