Why did Realme shipment decline drastically in November and December?

Realme’s shipment peaked in September during the festive season with 16.74 market share but according to the current report of IDC, Realme’s shipment declined drastically in November and December.

IDC said that most of the online buying took place around the festive season, which is why Realme being an online-heavy brand saw a jump in September.

Is Realme a copycat brand? Let’s talk in detail

Realme’s plans for 2020?

At the time, Chinese OEM Xiaomi held the top spot in the country, with a 29.9% market share. Samsung took the second spot at a market share of 25.8%, while Vivo and OPPO took the third and fourth spots, with a market share of 10.5% and 8.2% respectively. However, Realme’s shipments declining to 9.3% and 8.23% in November and December last year.

Why Realme’s market share decline

Xiaomi, Samsung, and other brands also market their products through offline channels as well, including official stores and authorized sellers. But Realme is still a new player in the offline market. this is mainly the reason for the decline shipment.

Now Realme is mainly focused on the online market. But in 2020, it’s planning to strengthen offline also. Realme has around 10,000 offline stores in all over India. Where It sells its own product at online price.


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