Is Realme a copycat brand? Let’s talk in detail

You must have heard the word copycat quite a few times in the last few days, which was started by Xiaomi’s India CEO Manu Kumar Jain, in a tweet he indirectly called Realme company as a copycat brand and after that many people and Xiaomi’s fans Used this word. Because somewhere they know that Xiaomi’s market share is decreasing further in India and in 2020 you will see some upsets in the smartphone market. At present, Xiaomi has been India’s No.1 smartphone company for a long time.

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Is Realme really a copycat brand? Let’s talk in detail, in some ways, you can say that Realme’s market strategy is like Xiaomi because both companies focused on the online market and that is the reason that both these companies are successful in the Indian smartphone market.

Only Xiaomi was working in the online market field for 2–3 years, but now Realme has also come in this field and is giving a tough competition to Xiaomi, Now Manu Kumar Jain is feeling a bit insecure only and he has this type of tweets.

See, if you talk about technology, Realme is a part of BBK group company under which smartphone companies like Oppo Vivo OnePlus come. And if you talk about the market share, then you can consider the BBK group as the number one company in the world because if according to the results of the last quarter, the BBK group has almost 21% smartphone share of the world, although according to the particular company Samsung (21%) world Is the No.1 company.

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Realme is a new smartphone company by name, but compared to technology, it does not need to copy a brand like Xiaomi. Now if Realme is called copycat brand i.e. Realme is copying Xiaomi then many people will not be in favor of the matter.

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