Q&A: ColorOS 7 Trial Update For Oppo Device?

There are lots of things going in the OPPO and there are lots of questions asked by our readers but most of them are related to the ColorOS 7 update. Since we’ve covered all of the topics, here are the top and most asked questions.

Q&A: ColorOS 7 Trial Update For Oppo Device?

Q. How do I get the latest system update?

Ans. There are two stages for system updates– Trial Version and Official Version. You can get a taste of the latest system update with Trial Version, or wait until the Official Version is released.

Q. I upgraded the ColorOS Trial version, but also receive the ColorOS 7 official version?

Ans: Yes. All users will receive upgrade pushes after the ColorOS 7 is available.

Q. My phone has root / unlock BL, but also can register to participate in this ColorOS 7 Trial version of the event?

Ans: In order to ensure the normal receipt of push, it is recommended to lock back or go to the after-sales brush machine processing.

Q. Upgrade ColorOS 7 Trial version, my phone will be reset to factory mode (data cleanup)?

Ans: In theory, upgrading the system will not clear. However, we strongly recommend that you back up important data, such as photos, text messages, chat history, etc., to avoid unexpected situations during the system upgrade process, resulting in the loss of important information.

Q. How do I get ColorOS 7 Trial Version on my phone?

Ans: Upon the announcement of the availability of Trial Version on the phone model you’re using and, click “Settings– Software Updates -the icon in upper right corner-– Trial Version” to make your application.

Q. Why is there a quota for Trial Version?

AnsGiven that Trial Version is still in the stage of development and improvement, Realme can only release it batch by batch with a limited quota to ensure system stability. They will release more batches with more quotas as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Q. I am an OTA update taste team members, this activity and I have a relationship?

Ans: It doesn’t matter. The system package signed by OTA Update Refresh Team Priority is limited to the priority push of the official system.

Q. I do not want to participate in this “Beta version” program, which will have any impact on me?

Ans: It won’t make any difference. You will receive regular system update pushes on a scheduled basis.

Q. I participated in this “Beta” program, can you quit to stop the update?

Ans: In order to work with us to improve the official version of the ColorOS 7, this “Taste Fresh Edition” program will not provide an official fallback package. If there is a real need for downgrade, please go to the after-sales brush machine processing.

Q. What is Trial Version? How is it different from the Official Version?

Ans. The trial version is the fastest way to experience new updates. It is comparatively less stable than the official version.

Hence instead of rolling it out to all the users, we prefer to rolling it in batches, specific models and region wise. So that valuable feedback received in each trial version can be incorporated in subsequent Trial Versions by our R&D and a more improved & stable Trial Version can be rolled out to the next batch of users.

Q. If I would like to downgrade to the previous system version, what should I do?

Ans. Please find the nearest OPPO official service Center. Their experts will help you with a system downgrade.

Here’s the list of Oppo devices that will get the ColorOS 7 [Updated]

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