Realme will launch more than 20 IoT products this year

Realme also officially entered the IoT field, claiming to create a full-scenario smart IoT ecosystem for young users worldwide. It is reported that in 2020Realme will launch more than 20 IoT products.

Realme has launched the software backbone platform realme Link. Relying on Realme Link, it can link four major traffic hubs (smart screen, smart speaker, Bluetooth headset, smartwatch) through mobile phones to connect multiple types of IoT products.

Specifically, realme plans to complete the IoT ecological layout in one year, covering the three major scenarios of “individual, family, and travel”. Personal scenarios include wearable devices such as headphones and watches; home scenarios include TVs, smart speakers, cameras, sweeping robots, and more applications for home scenarios; travel scenarios: including luggage, car chargers, mobile power supplies, and More travel products.

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