[China] ColorOS 7 trial for early adopters (Reno Ace, Reno2, Reno 10X zoom, R17 series and Find X )

OPPO reopened the ColorOS 7 trial Android 10 for early adopters including Reno Ace, Reno 2, Reno 10X Zoom, R17, R17 Pro and OPPO Find X.  Some recruiting users reported that the upgraded version was detected, and the upgrade failed after the upgrade and after that OPPO finally reopened ColorOS 7 trial version for China.

[Quarter 2] ColorOS 7 trial version roadmap of March, April, May June 2020

Important Note:

  1. Recruitment will reopen tomorrow at 10:00 on March 8th, and push the version for you before 24:00 on March 10th.
  2. If the early adopter application is successful, please do not click upgrade if you have detected the latest version. The engineer is currently urgently repairing the update failure problem. We will arrange the correct version push for you as soon as possible after confirming the problem.
  3. This exception will not affect your early adopters’ qualifications. If you have already applied for early adopters, you do not need to cancel your application. Please wait patiently for the version to be pushed.
  4. If your mobile phone does not enter the OTA upgrade screen after clicking the upgrade but crashes or enters the desktop after the upgrade, you can try to force recovery by pressing and holding the “power button” and “volume + button” for 10 seconds to recover. . Do not do this before entering the desktop during the OTA upgrade process!

How to get ColorOS 7 trial

Click the link below…

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