Realme Buds Air experience after one month

Realme has also launched its wireless earbuds. it looks like Apple AirPods. Realme Buds Air has been launched at a price of Rs 3,999. Which is quite low considering its features. You can buy it in three color options Yellow, White and Black.

Could this be perfect wireless earbuds for you in this price range? We used it for about a month, after that we are reviewing it.

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Before buying any device, we look at its design. If you like the design of the product, then we make up our mind to buy it. The design of Realme Buds Air resembles Apple AirPods. The weight of its box is also very low, so you will not have trouble carrying it anywhere. Apart from its box, the earbuds are also lightweight and fit easily into the ear.

Hidden Features

Talking about the earbuds of Buds Air, it can be comfortably fitted in your ears. It works on dual-channel transmission technology, which means that you can wear it separately. The special thing about these earbuds is that touch gesture technology has been used in it. You can play music by tapping it twice, pause. At the same time, you can also answer the call by double-tapping it. After three taps, you can skip songs while playing music. After pressing and holding it for 2 seconds, you can activate Google Assistance or Siri or Bixby or other voice assistants. You can turn on its gaming mode by tapping both earbuds simultaneously.

Another special wearer awareness technology has been used in it, due to which when you remove a single earbud from the ear, it automatically disconnects. Talking about the battery backup of earbuds, it takes 1 hour to full charge once. Once fully charged, its case gives up to 17 hours of battery backup. However, you may have to charge its buds every two to three hours.

As a budget earbuds, you get better sound quality. You can clearly experience all types of music like Jazz, Rock, Dynamic, Classic. In this, you will hear every beats clearly. Behind this superior sound quality is its 12nm technology sound driver. Which produces better sound through it. However, you do not get such a better quality sound when you increase sharp sound and volume.

Our opinion

Realme Buds Air is going to be liked a lot. The best thing is that even after being in the budget range, it produces a better sound quality. Not only this, but you will also like its design. If you cannot afford an expensive Apple AirPods, then this may be the best option for you.
We have been using it for the last month and never felt that we are using a cheaper product. If you are planning to buy it, then you can absolutely buy it.

Buy Realme Buds Air

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