ColorOS 8: What improvements we want to see?

Currently, we are using the latest ColorOS 7 based on Android 10 in our Oppo smartphones. ColorOS 7 has introduced many new features including Dark Mode, Dual earphone connection, Soloop video editor, Smart slider, Customize icon size and improved privacy features.

But as you know in the mobile operating system, update and improvement is the major part of it, and always some space for improvement. So the next version of ColorOS  – ColorOS 8 could become a milestone for this improvement story.

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And we are here to find some advance features which you may see next ColorOS, that would make the ColorOS 8 more intuitive, interacting and user-centric.


You might be aware that the dark mode has existed for quite a while on Oppo phones thanks to ColorOS 6 and ColorOS 7. The only downside is that the ‘Night mode’ was limited. Now that developers have dipped their applications in darker tones, toggling the dark mode in ColorOS 8 means that you get an overall more cohesive experience.


Google released Android 11 Developer Preview 1 last month, a new gesture feature called “Columbus” has been exposed, which allows double-clicking the back of the device to launch the voice assistant, open the camera application, and more.


With gestures controlling movements in ColorOS 8, users faced the issue of listing out certain apps menu, when they tried to go back. But with Android, we will see sliders that will allow the user to control the sensitivity of the back gesture. There will be two sliders, one for the left-hand side of the screen and one for the right.


Previously on Android 10, we had the feature to allow permission to access location, camera or microphone data only while the app is open. But with ColorOS 8 we will have a one-time permission setting that will enable usage permission only for a single time.


If you are using ColorOS current version then you are facing some issue about a battery drain problem. We hope this problem solve in the upcoming update. And Oppo also focused on the next ColorOS 8 version for this issue.


We will see a dynamic system-wide dark mode in ColorOS 8. This will change the setting on the device between dark mode and normal mode depending upon the time of use, that is depending on the fact as to whether it is day or night or evening time. This came in from Google as a response after other OEMs already made this feature available in previous Android skinned versions.

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