PUBG update 6.3: These change to Team Deathmatch mode

PUBG is rolling out a new update last week. The new update version number is PUBG update 6.3. It introduced the previously teased Panzerfaust and also introduced some changes to weapons and Team Deathmatch mode. The weapons changes include rebalancing some weapons including one formerly only found in Care Packages.

PUBG is dropping the much-teased Panzerfaust onto Karakin, rebalancing some weapons including one formerly only found in Care Packages, and summing it all up with some bug fixes and quality of life improvements including the much-requested change to invincibility in Team Deathmatch. All this and more in Update 6.3! Read on for all the details.

New Weapon: Panzerfaust

PUBG has hasbeen sneaking the Panzerfaust into our Season 6 videos since the start, but we’re finally putting the boom tube into your hands! While a powerful AoE damage tool on the Battlegrounds, there are some drawbacks to picking the Panzerfaust up. First of all, it takes up a primary weapon slot, limiting your options on the diverse terrain of Karakin. The projectile travels pretty quickly but can be dodged by the attentive player. There’s also a backblast area behind the Panzerfaust.

Weapon Balance Changes

As we near the end of the season, we’re also doing a little balance shuffle on a few weapons. The Tommy Gun has been weak for a while, so we’re adding a sighting slot for red dots and holos and upping damage, the M249 is moving from Care Packages to normal loot but is also losing a little damage and getting a bit more recoil, and the UMP-45 was nerfed a little too hard with the switch from 9mm, so we’re giving it some love across the board.

These Bugs Fixed:

  • Location of teammate’s character not synchronized with observer’s display in certain situations
  • Map texture displayed in poor quality
  • ‘Round 3’ message constantly displayed and round not starting in Team Deathmatch
  • Name of Victory dance 12 emote not displayed properly
  • Visual misalignment on the Blue Zone UI
  • The visual issue with the background of the vehicle durability UI
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Trench Coat clipping through the character
  • All glasses & mask items not being displayed when equipping Golden Dragon Traditional Cap
  • Titles of all Keys not being displayed correctly in store and inventory
  • Unable to accomplish the mission ‘Reach top 10 after earning a kill with QBZ/AKM’ in certain situations
  • Wrong 4x reticle displayed when using the DP-28
  • Abnormal Blue Zone sound played in spectator mode
  • Reload interaction sounds heard differently in FPP and TPP views
  • Invite friends option unable to turned on in custom matches
  • Freelook could be used to gain an advantageous view after dying
  • Sticky Bomb blinking red prior to being thrown
  • Fixed an awkward crossbow animation in certain situations.

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