WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) Feature Is Now Available On All Realme Smartphones

Recently, Both Airtel and Jio have announced the Wi-Fi Calling feature for their users. But not all can use it. You require a smartphone that can support this feature. As promised earlier the VoWifi feature will be available to all Realme devices and now Realme has fulfilled it and has completed the roll-out of VoWiFi calling feature to all existing Realme devices. Realme has rolled out the update for its smartphone with WiFi calling features, Check your device.

What is VoWiFi?

VoWiFi or Voice over Wi-Fi is a complementary technology to VoLTE and utilizes IMS technology to provide a packet voice service that is delivered over IP via a Wi-Fi network. Where possible, VoLTE calls may be seamlessly handed over between LTE and Wi-Fi and vice versa.

In simple words, it enables users to use smartphones that support VoWiFi to dial numbers to use voice when a Wi-Fi connection is available. Users can make outgoing calls even where there is poor cellular connectivity and is designed to address problems of insufficient coverage, especially indoors. So, the VoWiFi enabled SIM is required but it uses the Wi-Fi network to actually make the calls.

Here is the list of all devices which have received the VoWiFi calling feature

NOTE- Realme X50 Pro, Realme C3, Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro supports the VoWiFi calling feature out of the Box.

How to turn on WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) in Realme smartphones

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