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YouTube restriction: Maximum video streaming quality to 480p in India

As you know, due to coronavirus, it has been locked down all over India. That is why much Internet is being used. YouTube version of Android in some areas of India can only play videos with a resolution of up to 480p, while the web version is not restricted.

WhatsApp restriction: Now only 15 seconds of videos will be able to upload

You are not just limited to 480p on mobile data either, with the restrictions also in place on superfast Wi-Fi networks too. It’s not entirely clear why the hard limit has been set at 480p on mobile, as YouTube expressed no desire to do so in India or elsewhere. We’re also not sure if this restriction may roll out to other countries as part of plans to deal with increased overall usage.

Because of the epidemic, residents in many places around the world are required to stay at home, and the lack of infrastructure such as network resources around the world was also exposed during this time. Previously, Netflix, Apple TV +, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc, announced to reduce the video bit rate in Europe to control Internet traffic during the epidemic, and YouTube has also changed the default video definition to standard definition worldwide.

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