Realme UI1.0 and OPPO ColorOS 7 version differences:

The Realme UI is officially unveiled and it will be launched by the Realme X50 5G. Realme X50 5G is the first model to upgrade Realme UI. Realme UI can be said to be a light, fast, and provincial system. We have made further optimizations in terms of fluency, power consumption, and performance. In general, the performance has gone up, and the power consumption has gone down.

Realme UI Official Roadmap Here, Check You Device

Realme UI is based on Android 10, and the application startup speed is increased by 25%, the global fluency is increased by 20%, the battery life is increased by 10%, the night standby consumption is reduced by 35%, the touch response time is reduced by 35%, and the game performance is increased by up to 20%.

In addition, OPPO  has released ColorOS 7  which is the main theme of “light and borderless”. It has built a borderless design 2.0 with “lightness” as its core and has optimized UI, interaction, animation, sound effects, and other aspects. Around “quick”, the innovative functions of ColorOS 7 in smooth use and efficient experience are explained.

Ever since the launch of Realme phones, it has been using Oppo’s ColorOS. But in 2020, Realme will use Realme UI instead of ColorOS 7 in all its phones. Both the software will be based on Android 10, but there will be some differences between these two, which we will discuss further today.

Realme UI1.0 and ColorOS 7 OPPO version differences:

  1. The UI design style is different
  2. Realme has a panoramic light effect function instead of breathing lights, OPPO does not (except 3Pro)
  3. Realme has a double-click desktop to lock screen function, OPPO does not
  4. Realme can close the dots displayed after the APP update, OPPO cannot
  5. Realme ‘s performance mode can choose high-performance mode, intelligent performance mode, no performance acceleration mode, and OPPO only has an option for high-performance mode
  6. Realme there are high-pixel camera quickly switches, OPPO complicated step is required before they can open the high-resolution mode
  7. Realme front-facing video super SteadyShot function, OPPO is not.

Here is Realme UI 2.0 eligible device list based on Android 11

ColorOS 8 release date, features, eligible devices and rumors

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