ColorOS 7 and MIUI 11, Which is the best?

Until the development of smartphones, mobile phone functions have been continuously developing new features. Today, let ’s take a look at the new UI of the two different systems. ColorOS 7 and MIUI 11, which is the best?

The Android camp mainly represents ColorOS and MIUI. They have a very high user group, and their user groups are more and more concerned about the value of the system. After Android 10 was released, the main features of this edition are “dark color mode” and “global theme”, ColorOS 7 has made to go one step further in the user experience!

Xiaomi says that it has worked towards making MIUI 11 more minimalistic by eliminating a lot of elements from the MIUI 10. New colors have been added to the UI for a more organic experience along with a system-wide dark mode.

ColorOS 7 evolved the “borderless” concept of the previous system and simplified the system icons. It also gave the user more choices. Icon design, outline shape, size, and proportion can be selected by the user.

MIUI 11 has a stable user group, and gradually presents a simplistic expression in style. Whether it is the icon design or the UI interface display, it has changed greatly from the previous.

In ColorOS 7“All-weather dark mode” can be said to be one of these updates of ColorOS 7. This function not only “blackens” the ColorOS menus and preloaded apps, but also globalizes the pages of third-party apps.

From the current ColorOS 7 beta features, the dark mode can already support 100+ third-party apps, I believe that there will be more programs and better display performance in the later version.

Comparing ColorOS 7 and EMUI 10

ColorOS 7 updates better than iOS 13

If your device is eligible for MIUI 11 based on Android 10 then you can force any app to adopt to dark mode. On Stock Android, you will find the “override dark mode” option under Developer Options. However, Xiaomi is bringing the same feature as “Global Dark Mode” under the Display settings page. We did test this feature on MIUI 11 and it works on some apps like Telegram and the Security app. Besides that, you can also schedule dark mode based on your preference and that is awesome.

Today, with the increasingly perfect functions of mobile phones, it is particularly exciting to continue to introduce new features. In summary of the Two systems, ColorOS 7 is more forward-looking and improve than MIUI 11. This point is unique within and outside, and it is a model that is worth using by everyone.

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