PUBG Mobile removed the Mysterious Jungle Adventure mode

If you are daily playing PUBG Mobile so today (June 5th) you might have noticed a pop-up appeared on the screen when you open PUBG Mobile and the game will then ask you to install the latest 2.30 MB update it has just rolled out for the game.

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You already know PUBG Mobile (Tencent Games) recently added this new mode in the Senghok game and also brought several features along with it. The new jungle-themed mode will be activated randomly when players queue up for Sanhok in Classic Mode. If you’re lucky you’ll enter the new Mysterious Jungle Mode where players can activate power totems, strategy totems, and protection totems to repair helmets and vests, restore energy and health.

So, why did PUBG Mobile release a new 2.30MB update?

PUBG Mobile released the new 2.30 MB update to remove the Jungle Adventure mode. This feature offended a number of players who were religious and PUBG Mobile received scathing criticism as a result. After addressing this situation, PUBG Mobile decided to remove the Jungle Mode from the game and the patch update was released for the same.

According to PUBG Mobile official

Addressing the issue of anxiety and fears caused by the update (PUBG MOBILE), the latest pubgmobile_mena team in the game, we would like to express our deep regret that the new features in the game caused dissatisfaction among some of our players. We value and respect the values, traditions, and practices of our players, and we regret that we have caused any harm or resentment.”

“This new Jungle Adventure Mode was causing dissatisfaction among various players due to some of the dynamics of the mode.”

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