[Breaking] Realme X50 Pro is getting Android 11 beta 1 soon

Google just announced that the first public beta of Android 11 is now available to download for Pixel Devices. The update adds new features that are focused on communication, privacy, and control of your connected devices. But there is good news for Realme users. Realme is also part of the Android 11 beta program. Realme UI will take you on board for the chance to try out Android 11 Beta 1 soon on the Realme X50 Pro.

Here is Realme UI 2.0 eligible device list based on Android 11

Today Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth confirmed that Realme X50 Pro will get Android 11 Beta soon and will become the first phone of Realme.

Get ready to witness the fastest Android update on India’s first 5G smartphone Realme X50 Pro. The Realme X50 Pro comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset will get Android 11 Beta 1 very soon. Gladly, It will be among the few devices to get the latest Android 11 beta 1 update.  Android 11 comes with a lot of features focused on user privacy, AI features, more and better voice recognition and many more.

Stay tuned on RMUpdate for more details. We will post a detailed thread very soon.

If you want to help Google test Android 11 before its full launch later this year, and you are Realme X50 Pro user then Android 11 beta is available very soon. But be forewarned, this is very much a beta build of Android 11, and it will have plenty of bugs and issues that could be deal-breakers for you.

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