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Do you use Wi-Fi Calling? How to check if it’s active on Realme smartphone

The Wi-Fi Calling option for Realme smartphone is an excellent tool to improve call quality by routing your cellular call over a Wi-Fi network instead of over a mobile one. While mobile networks can be more robust than Wi-Fi plus broadband, many of us place calls inside homes and buildings, or leave in some parts of the country or parts of a municipality with marginal coverage.

Here’s the list of Realme devices that will get Android 11 update

To use Wi-Fi calling on Realme phones, ensure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Go to Settings
  • Sim Card & Cellular Data
  • Select SIM Card and Mobile Data option
  • Tap on SIM 1/2
  • select Wi-Fi calling
  • Go to Wi-Fi calling preferences
  • Select Wi-Fi calling preferred option.

Readers have described this scenario: They’re near a Wi-Fi access point in their home. They have high-speed broadband service. Cellular calls are terrible in their area. They check the Wi-Fi Calling setting, and it’s enabled. When they place a call, however, it stutters or drops out.

These device support Wi-Fi Calling

  1. Realme X3 Series
  2. Realme Narzo 10
  3. Realme Narzo 10A
  4. Realme X2 Pro
  5. Realme X2
  6. Realme XT
  7. Realme X –
  8. Realme 5 Pro
  9. Realme 3 Pro
  10. Realme 5, 5i, 5s
  11. Realme 3,3i
  12. Realme 2 Pro
  13. Realme U1
  14. Realme 1
  15. Realme 2
  16. Realme C1
  17. Realme C2

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