Livik Map in PUBG Mobile: Only 40-Player In A Match

PUBG Mobile officially revealed a new exclusive Livik Map in PUBG Mobile. Currently, it is only available in the Beta version. In the Beta version, its name is Secret Map. This will be the first map that is exclusive to PUBG Mobile and has not first made its way to the PC or console versions of the game.

The Livik map on PUBG Mobile is planned to bring greater adaptability for players who have “more tight timetables” and are hoping to press in a brisk match at whatever point they have some extra time, maker Rick Li revealed to The Verge. The guide is two kilometers by two kilometers in size and has a space for supporting matches with up to 40 players immediately. Furthermore, it takes about 15 minutes for every game at Livik.

Recently, PUBG Mobile updated its Miramar map with the mad Miramar 2.0 mode. And also Erangle 2.0 also released in the Chinese PUBG Mobile version. Now the announcement of Livik Map is going to be crazy for PUBG mobile users. According to the view of this map, it resembles a mixture of Erangel, Sehonok, and Vikendi.

To get the Livik map you would have to download the PUBG Mobile beta. Click here to download the beta version of the game. PUBG Mobile new map comes just after Call of Duty Mobile teased the new gulag map. It seems that the battle between the Battle Royal giants is heating up.

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