Realme 125W Ultra Dart fast charging will be released on 16th July

—-Updated On 14th July—-

According to Ishan Agarwal, Realme may launch 125 Watt ultra-dart charging on 16th July. The news comes on Weibo and India CEO Madhav Sheth also tweeted but regarding this no information available.

—-Original Article on 10th July—-

In the 5G era, mobile phone fast charging is moving towards the fast lane. The fast-charging power of the Android camp continues to breakthrough. 65W has been mass-produced and commercialized, and it can be filled with 4000mAh batteries in more than 30 minutes. In the second half of the year, faster charging with a higher power is on the way.

According to Ishan Agarwal broke the news that Realme will release super-fast charging this month, with a power of up to 120W, which is the fastest charging technology with the highest charging power of mobile phones. He also revealed that the Realme 120W superfast charge will be named Ultra Dart (Realme 65W fast charge named Super Dart), which can charge a third of the 4000mAh battery in 3 minutes.

According to this speed calculation, the 4000mAh battery will be fully charged in ten minutes at most, and the speed far exceeds 65W. It is also the fastest mobile phone with the same battery capacity.

Realme’s vice president Xu Qi said when interacting with netizens that 100W fast charging is a bit slow, indicating that Realme will bring stronger technology than 100W fast charging. Now the exposure of 120W Ultra Dart means that the mobile phone industry is about to enter 100W fast charging Even higher times of fast charging.

Considering that it will be released this month, Realme will officially announce this technology as soon as next week, which is worth looking forward to.

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