OPPO Officially Released 125W Super Flash Charging Technology It Charge Up To 41% In Only 5 Minutes!

OPPO has previously launched VOOC, SuperVOOC, and AirVOOC three major flash charging technologies. Today OPPO officially released 125W super flash charging technology, which can be charged to 41% in 5 minutes! The number of temperature sensors used has been increased to 14, and the temperature of the mobile phone does not exceed 40°C during charging.

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OPPO also said that 125W super flash charging technology can be used to charge everything-whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or computer, regardless of PPS, PD or QC… as long as it conforms to the Type-C interface of the specification, it can “flash charge” and has five levels of security Protection, charging is fast and safe.

OPPO 125W Super Flash Charger supports VOOC, SuperVOOC, compatible with PPS, PD, QC protocols, supports 12.5A current input, supports multi-pole ear technology, dual 6C batteries. The conversion efficiency is as high as 98%, and three charge pumps are connected in parallel.

The OPPO 125W super flash charging battery has positive and negative electrodes on each layer, which shortens the charge movement path and reduces the impedance of the battery. C to C wire E-marker encryption has a unique 128-bit encryption algorithm.

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