Realme Lab: Realme added two new features in the latest update

Yesterday, Realme has started rolling out a new software update for Realme X in China, which is rolling out on version C.12. The update brings a bunch of new features for Realme X users.

Many Realme users who updated the C.12 version said that this update is very promising! Most users are concerned that the Bluetooth headset finally has a pop-up window, but have you noticed these two functions? Realme x has been updated. We are expecting this feature will also add in the Realme X global version’s next update.

The new update of Realme X added two new feature in the Realme Lab section

  • Smooth Sliding Screen (Like 90Hz Refresh Rate)
  • Super Long Standby (Long Standby at night)

Realme Lab: Smooth Sliding Screen

In the Realme laboratory, the appearance of the smooth sliding screen really made your eyes shine. Now users can experience a higher refresh rate in the display. If you turn on this feature so you can enjoy like a 90Hz display refresh rate.

Realme Lab: Super Long Standby

In the last system version, many users have actively responded to the problem of power consumption at night. The night-long standby function introduced in this update really solves the feedback problem of Realme users

It should be mentioned here that after the long night standby is turned on, the system is running at low power consumption, which will have a certain impact on the timely reception of messages. The landlord experimented, he sent a message to himself and received the message in less than half a minute, so if there is an emergency notification and I am afraid to miss it, I will choose whether to use it according to your actual needs.

How to turn on this feature

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and go into Realme Lab
  • Then turn on” Smooth Sliding Screen” and “Super Long Standby”

Important Note – These features currently available in China on the Realme X device.

Realme X getting July 2020 security update with new features in China

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