Realme Watch V86.0 new update optimizes connection speed, fixes some bugs and more

Realme is rolling out a new update for Realme Watch, the new update fixes some bugs and issues and optimizes watch the performance. This update comes on Realme Watch V86.0 via OTA.

Realme Watch users are waiting for new watch faces in this update because Realme has already teased about and said they will bring more than 100 watch face via OTA update but the changelog doesn’t mention.

However, the new update of Realme Watch optimizes the connection speed of the watch and optimizes reminding logic of the message notification and it also fixes some bugs.

Note:- When upgrading, please keep the device close to your smartphone and make sure the battery is sufficient.


  1. Open Realme Link App
  2. Tap on Realme Watch
  3. Go into setting on the top right corner
  4. Scroll down and see the device update option
  5. Tap on and start to upgrade

Realme Watch: How to setup with Realme Link App

More Watch faces in Realme Watch coming soon

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