Realme 125W UltraDART fast charging technology announced and will release next month

Today, Realme announced good news suddenly. The 125W flash-charged mobile phone will be released next month in August. According to the Realme official, 125W smart flash charging technology, 4000mAh large battery can charge 33% of the power in only 3 minutes.

In addition to high power, it also has higher efficiency. It adopts the new parallel three-charge pump fast charging technology, the conversion rate can reach 98%, and it also has a safer performance. In the middle, it will not be hot, the safety performance is very good, and it is compatible with PPS/PD/QC multi-protocol. Even if the iPhone12 is not equipped with a charger, it can be charged with a Realme charger.

Sure enough, OPPO just announced the 125W flash charge, and Realme announced it today. Sure enough, it is a “pro-son”. Although OPPO does not support Realme in marketing, it obviously supports a lot in terms of technology and supply chain, such as the ColorOS 6 UI system. Now, the system used is also based on ColorOS, and the flash charging protocol uses OPPO. I believe that technology is the same as OPPO, but only for an OEM.

You can see the video here…

Now the 65W fast charge is already very fast, and now the 125W fast charge is launched, the power is nearly doubled, many netizens have shouted too fast, and lead again.

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