Fortnite update 13.30 Latest Update Download: What’s new?

After years of waiting, Fortnite update 13.30 will finally introduce one of the most requested features to Battle Royale. One of the biggest and most important updates yet, version 13.30 is expected to usher in the release of cars. Now it is officially confirmed about its launch date.

It is Launching on July 21/July 22, update 13.30 is expected to add four different classes of cars, including trucks, large cars, medium cars, and small cars.

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Fortnite updates 13.30 General patch 

• ‘Lock Input Method as Mouse’ does not lock the input method.

– Players may notice their input method repeatedly swap when their ‘Lock Input Method as Mouse’ is set to ‘ON’.

• Mouse cursor appearing on PC when playing with a controller.

– When playing on a PC with a controller, players’ mouse cursor may appear after they perform certain actions. This can cause issues with gameplay.

Fortnite update 13.30 Battle Royale patch notes

• Supply Drops at The Authority not opening when searched.

– Supply Drops at The Authority may at times not open after players search them.

• Black rectangles appearing behind the player when turning around in the Storm.

– Black rectangles can appear behind the player’s character when turning around in the Storm.

• Gliding not working properly around The Authority.

– All forms of gliding, including deploying from a LaunchPad or Jules’ Glider Gun, may not work properly when around The Authority. Gliding may either stop when near The Authority or not start.

Fortnite update 13.30 Mobile patch notes

• Sail Shark Glider may have yellow coloration on mobile devices.

– The Sail Shark Glider may have a yellow coloration when viewed on certain mobile devices.

• Audio delay on Nintendo Switch.

– We’re investigating an issue that is causing some audio to be delayed when harvesting and performing other actions on Nintendo Switch.

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