Realme officially announces new series of mobile phones and using a single digging hole

Realme official was warming up Orly for the new series of devices, and issued a message saying “The pill screen advised to retreat? I think I can do it! This time you will have no way to retreat.” From the official text, It is not difficult to understand that the front lens of this series of new devices may have new breakthroughs.

Facing battery draining issues after upgrading to Realme UI

The Realme official also provided a poster for the text, which shows a lens appearing on a page for editing pictures, and also shows the size of the zoom lens. This information may imply that the front lens of this new device is very small, plus the content mentioned above, the small aperture front lens should be stable.

Interestingly, the whole series of products released by Realme mobile phones in China this year was double-drilled pill screens. As for why Realme is so persistent, Wang Wei, Realme product director, once published a long article to explain.

Wang Wei said that there are two current solutions for the digging screen industry: the first one is the front single-shot single-hole, and strives to minimize the aperture; the second one is the front double-shooting double-hole, and functionality is preferred.

In addition, according to the previous breaking information, Realme Ollie will give the series of new devices the main 5G network experience, and its 5G network experience will be completely new. The body of the aircraft is very thin and light, and it feels very good. In addition, a mobile phone of this brand appeared on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is equipped with a 6.55-inch screen, a body thickness of 8.5mm, a battery capacity of 2200mAh, and a dual-cell design.

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