Download Realme GCam 7.3 (Google Camera)

Recently Google released its latest Google Camera 7.3 version for pixel smartphone. If you have a Realme smartphone and you want to install Gcam or Google Camera in your smartphones so here you will Get GCam 7.3 for all Realme Smartphones.

Google Camera is the camera app used by Google on their phones. Compared to other brands, pictures taken with this app are usually more detailed and have a better dynamic range, especially in hard conditions (low light, indoors, etc).

While Google Camera (GCam) itself can be installed on most Android phones including Realme phones, the features that make it a good app don’t work on non-Google phones. For example, it takes pictures, but it doesn’t use Google’s HDR+ tech which is what makes GCam good.

List of Realme devices that will get Android 11 update


You can download the Gcam 7.3 from different developers:


GCam UltraCVM (Based on Arnova’s 5betaFinal.7.3.020 builds):

GCam 7.3 Parrot043

GCam 7.3 by Urnyx05.

GCam 7.3 Arnova8g2

Note – Please check configuration before downloading. Will it work in your phones

Download Google Camera 7.0 for all Realme Smartphones


  • Only works on phones with the camera2 API enabled;
  • Mod compatible with modern Snapdragon SoCs. Some versions work on some Exynos.
  • Most APK only support ARM64;
  • Recent APK may not work on older Android versions;
  • Requires GApps or a replacement like microG (more info);
  • Android only;

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