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[25 July] Garena Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 New Map Leaks OB23 Update

With the OB23 Free Fire update already in sight, more and more leaks are coming out about what Free Fire players will get. Spinners would already know the “Bermuda Plan” that Garena has shown us little by little right? Well this time, we have gotten leaks about new shapes and minimap photos from the Bermuda 2.0 map. Can not wait? This is the new Bermuda 2.0 map leak that will be present in the FF OB23 update!

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Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 New Map

Map Bermuda has been on Free Fire since the game was first released in 2017, and now in 2020, many Free Fire players feel it’s time they see the changes from the map they enjoy doing. Garena has heard of the request, the Bermuda map has been under development since the Bermuda Plan was first shown in the OB21 update.

Reportedly, the Bermuda map will get a redesign with several locations that will be removed from this folder. If you follow the story, it looks like this happened because of the fall of a meteor at the Bermuda location that destroyed several locations.

One of the biggest changes we will get on the Bermuda 2.0 map is The Peak, which used to be just an ordinary hill, now seems to be turning into a mountain. Then the location of Sentosa will also change. Now Sentosa has received a redesign and is given the name Yagami Garden, which has a Japanese theme (such as from the Tokyo Tower Plan Bermuda poster). In addition, the Bermuda 2.0 map will get new locations namely Hydropower, Academy, and Fisherman’s Creek. The photo below is a comparison of the original Bermuda map with Bermuda map 2.0.

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Hydropower is basically a building that converts water into electricity. In the Bermuda 2.0 map, this place seems to be a place where war will often occur. The location of the Hydropower will directly face the bridge so we might often see a sniper battle here. The location of Fisherman’s Creek will replace Rim Nam Village, which is arguably a location that is rarely visited by FF players because of poor looting quality. Then there is the Academy, We believe this location will be a barbaric location where bloodshed will often occur.

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