Realme teased MTW Battery Cells for the 125W UltraDART Charger

Recently Realme announced 125W flash-charged mobile phone will be released next month in August. The smart flash charging technology, 4000mAh large battery can charge 33% of the power in only 3 minutes. But also strictly control the temperature during standby charging under 40℃, so that the flash charge is always Keep it efficient, safe, and not hot. The adapter is also compatible with the 65W PD protocol and 36W QC protocol. It can be flash charged regardless of mobile phone or computer.

Realme 125W UltraDART fast charging technology announced and will release next month

Today, Realme Mobile tweeted “When introducing a ground-breaking technology, efficiency & safety go hand-in-hand. Which is why we’ve structured the MTW Battery Cells in the 125W UltraDART Charger to – Expand current threshold, Reduce heat generation, Improve safety & efficiency of battery cells Stay tuned.”

Realme MTW Battery Cells

On the battery side, Realme’s 125W smart flash charger upgrades 3C cells to 6C cells, and MMT is upgraded to multi-pole (MTW) ​​technology, which doubles the path of charge and shortens the cell impedance. Further reduction allows the input of large currents up to 12.5A.

On the input side, Realme’s 125W smart flash charging adopts a parallel three charge pump solution with a conversion efficiency of up to 98%. The 20V 6.25A output by the adapter is reduced by three charge pumps and converted into 10V 12.5A into the battery. Each charge pump only needs to be converted. The power of 20V 2.1A is about 42W, which effectively avoids the overload and overheating of the charge pump caused by high current.

It is worth mentioning that the temperature of Realme’s 125W smart flash charging is strictly controlled below 40°C when the screen is off and standby. Realme’s 125W smart flash charger adds 10 temperature sensors on the basis of the original 4 temperature sensors, which are distributed in the battery lugs, battery motherboard BTB and USB interface. Any abnormal temperature can be reported to the mobile phone and the adapter as soon as possible.

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