PUBG Mobile (KR) Version Advantages and Disadvantages

PUBG Mobile KR version is a very powerful mobile version specially prepared for the classic chicken-eating games. Now you can experience the same fun chicken-eating experience as the computer, a variety of different fun game maps, classic chicken-eating games The gameplay brings you the best gaming experience, I believe many users will like it, download it now!

Download link of PUBG Mobile Beta 0.19.0 Update APK

So today we are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the PUBG Mobile KR version and how different it is from PUBG Mobile Global Version.

PUBG Mobile KR Version Advantages

  • You will not face leg bugs and glitches in PUBG Mobile KR version comparison to Global version
  • You get free skins for lifetime from the silver coin (Guns, Vehicles, Helmet, Bags, parachute, Airplane, etc) in the redeem section.
  • PUBG Mobile KR – You can get special items like emotes, drees, skins, etc, for free through Crate, which you will get to see in the royal pass on the global version.
  • KR Version’s Event Reward is better than the global version- You will get Donkatsu medal, Which you can collect 4 Donkatsu medal and open the special crate.
  • You will also get different login rewards.
    • 3 classic crate coupon scrap
    • 3 premium crate coupon scrap
    • 20 Silver Coin
    • 2000 BP
    • 3 supply crate coupon scrap
    • 2 Donkatsu medal
  • Gift Box Login Event Reward
    • Up to 50 Donkatsu medal
    • Crate coupon scrap
  • In PUBG Mobile KR version have a weekly mission-  If you get three chicken dinner in within a week on any server in the classic match so you will receive 3 Donkatsu medal. This is not available in the Global version.

PUBG Mobile KR Version Disadvantages

  • You cannot easily buy a Royal Pass in the PUBG Mobile KR version. You will need an international debit or credit card to purchase a Royal Pass.
  • You can’t join Global clan with KR version and join only KR version clan
  • You will not be able to enjoy full emote duration time
  • In KR version Silver Coin will get less than Global
  • Indian bonus challenge is not available
  • You can’t transfer Global ID on KR version
  • You will not find Facebook friends in the KR version but you can add manually via Users ID.

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