PUBG Mobile Sanhok 2.0 New map update features?

The new PUBG Mobile Sanhok  2.0 update is expected to drop in soon and they’ve listed some of the expected features such as brings massive changes to the island of Sanhok, a new way to gear up with the Loot Truck, the start of the next Ranked Season, a new Survivor Pass, and loads more.

Sanhok 2.0 is one of the most anticipated updates ever since season 13 began. Since they have added Miramar 2.0 in the season 13 update and as announced by the developers, Erangel 2.0 will release in the second half of 2020 which is already present in PUBG Mobile latest Beta [Erangel 2.0 the most awaited map for the players, has not been added by the developers.]

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The main feature of update 2.0 is of course Sanhok, which has been reworked from the ground up to look better, perform better, and offer more balanced gameplay. They wanted Sanhok to feel more like a forgotten, overgrown paradise while addressing some of the most glaring balance issues they’ve seen over the last couple of years. Read on below for some expected snippets on what they’ve changed in some of the island’s more prominent areas.

PUBG Mobile Sanhok 2.0 Key landmark changes-

  • Bootcamp
  • Quarry
  • Airfield (Previously Mongnai)
  • Getaway (Previously Docks)
  • Ruins
  • Mountain
  • Cave
  • River
  • Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong
  • Bhan


Bootcamp has been completely reworked. They wanted to keep this a hot drop location while improving the feel and competitive conflict in the area. There is plenty of line of sight for long-range engagements but also lots of covers for players to advance on opponents. There are underground areas for aggressive close-quarters combat as well. Overall, they feel the changes have amplified the risk v/s reward gameplay players want from a hot drop while giving everyone more options to best approach different situations.


The old version of Quarry was a beloved, yet terribly imbalanced experience. They’ve done a lot of work here to make this unique location fun and fair for those who find themselves in it. The stone blocks are now larger to provide better cover from opponents with the high ground and they’ve added some perilous rope bridges to give players more options for crossing without having to go through or around. All in all, Quarry should now be a meaningful destination for players who want long firefights and non-conventional engagements.

Airfield (Previously Mongnai)

They’ve replaced the farm area in the Northeast with a new Airfield. The farm never quite got the attention they were hoping it would, so they’ve added some incentives for players to drop on this part of the island. The main incentive being that the Airfield, perhaps unsurprisingly, now has a chance to spawn the Motor Glider! This is the only place you can find it on Sanhok, so grab a gas can and take to the skies!

Getaway (Previously Docks)

The old docks were fun, but generally were low in the loot department, especially for a drop that far away. Their replacement is the Getaway, a loot packed resort town designed to separate tourists from their money. Featuring poolside bars, a boardwalk, Sanhok’s premiere dance club, there’s plenty of neon haze to go around. Just don’t let it distract you from why you’re there.


While the structure of the Ruins itself was always hotly contested, the areas surrounding it posed a severe disadvantage for anyone walking out without the proper gear. They’ve reworked this area to make ruins the massive, labyrinthine, and deadly destination it should be, with plenty of loot for those willing to raid its treasures.


The mountainous areas in Sanhok certainly make for topographical diversity, but when it came to actual gameplay implications, there were a number of issues here. Players caught up here with the blue zone approaching were left with few options, one of which was jumping and hoping for the best- a few of you have probably been there. The other is the straight-up high ground advantage with little to no counterplay for those caught below. With these thoughts in mind, they’ve added additional pathways to reach it, adding some flanking options for the team with the high ground to defend against.


They’ve redesigned the Cave to have the fiction they’d always wanted it to have. You can still get your thrills through the scariest vertical pool drop in PUBG, but now there’s a cool subterranean temple waiting for you to explore, should you survive the fall.


Their main goal with the River was to give players more options to traverse it. Original Sanhok had very few places to cross without diving straight into the water, so they’ve added more bridges for crossing, additional cover on some existing bridges, and more cover on river banks should firefights open up there.

Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong

These towns have all received some reworking, adding verticality, interesting things to explore, new ways to fight, and most importantly, great venues to battle over the new Loot Truck as it passes through each town. In some cases, the changes are minor, such as simply widening the road so the truck can pass through to bigger reworks to create more interesting ways to battle.


While a cool locale, Bhan was underused and pain to loot. They’ve removed Bhan and replaced it with a normal set of houses so that they can focus on using those resources for unique locations elsewhere. Due to the more simplified and familiar building layout, this area should now be a more defensible position to loot and control.

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