ANAREA Battle Royale Coming Soon: Update 0.1.2 (alpha) [Download]

In the world of online gaming, a new game is going to make its move in no time. A brand new Battle Royale ANAREA early access is now available on Steam for 499RS INR in the Alpha stage. However, the game will be free to play at full release beta. The release date is somewhere in December 2020. The game is developed by AXC Games indie studio.

Yes ANAREA Battle Royale is a name of game that will soon come between us, actually at present the game is in its alpha stage, by its name it is clear that this is a game based on a fighting theme. [Fighting theme games are characterized by close combat between two fighters or groups of fighters of comparable strength, often broken into rounds. If multiple players are involved, players generally fight against each other.]

If we see, we already have many such games which are based on the fighting theme(battle) but what’s new in ANAREA Battle Royale, let’s check it out-

ANAREA Battle Royale:

ANAREA is a fast-paced Third Person Shooter Battle Royale Arcady game aiming to be dynamic and competitive. Somewhere it is inspired by PUBG (PlayersUnkonwnBattleGround ), or in other words- it is a combination of different online games that has the same thrilling tactics based on fighting theme like- PUBG, Fortnite, etc.

ANAREA Battle Royale is an arcade game with the quick and smooth movements and physically accurate shooting mechanics which makes ANAREA an interesting, challenging, and hard game to master, pushing the players to always improve. It’s core mechanics, visual features, gaming tactics, etc increases possibilities and make each game different.

It is a 60 Player fast-paced Third Person Battle Royale game set in Nera Island. The Players will spawn randomly on the map. the Map is small compared to other Battle Royale maps. As the Map is small you will also hear gunshots as soon as there are any fights going on. As per devs, you can expect aggressive and skilled gameplay on this map.

There will be various game modes including Training ground, solo, Duo, and squads.

ANAREA Battle Royale: Requirement

ANAREA Battle Royale: Features

  • Combat Passives (Items you can activate to gain special skills)
  • Health (You will have 100 health and 50 Shield, a total of 150 health)
  • Instant Death (No Knockdown)
  • 3 Sniper (Which will spawn on the ground.)
  • No Prone
  • Free Look
  • No Snakes
  • No vehicle

Download Here

ANAREA Update 0.1.2 (alpha)

ANAREA Update 0.1.2 (alpha) Hello everyone, we are aware that the crashes/bugs are very frustrating. However, we are working as hard as we can to be able to fix them as fast as possible. Here are some fixes and tweaks that have been implemented this patch (0.1.2) that should make the game more enjoyable.


  • Increased AR-15 and AK-47 bullet drop curve at longer distances
  • Proportionally increased M40 bullet speed and decreased its bullet drop

Gas shrink time & Starting gas are slower now Map

  • Smoothened the terrain based on slope
  • Fixed landscapes and level design issues
  • Fixed O’Sean Costa loot spawning below the ground
  • Fixed Residential Roses terraces collisions
  • Fixed metal fences collisions (working now as double-sided) and hit sounds

Fixed bug exploits Sounds

  • Decreased skill crates volume
  • Decreased lake ambient sounds volume Optimization & Settings

Updated the game and network code

  • Improved POIs optimization to avoid micro-freezes, fps spikes/hitches
  • Dynamic Shadows are now set to Disable by default AXC Team.


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