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Realme UI: Heating Problem And Slow Charging Issue [Solution Tips]

Realme, as a cutting-edge mobile phone brand, has been using the ColorOS system before, and the system UI style also follows its simple and elegant design, but in order to bring users a differentiated experience, establish their own brand charm, accompanied by their first 5G mobile phone, Realme UI, a new system dedicated to Realme, is also officially available.

Manually download Realme UI update available now [Officially]

The new system provides a more user-friendly Android-based interface, featuring ‘Seamless Fun’. The system has new system colors, icons, wallpapers, and animations, and there are new changes in functions and performance. In addition, Realme UI also added flashback key, focus mode, three-finger screenshot, and other functions.

Realme has started rolling out Realme UI update, many phones have received the update and some phones are using beta as well as few phones will receive the Realme UI update in the coming days.

Many users are facing that after updating the Realme UI, phones are heating as well as slow charging. So today we will talk about some basic tips that your problem can be reduced to some extent, we will not say that it will be completely solved. But we know that Realme will fix these problems through monthly updates.

Realme UI Heating Problem

  1. Remove the phone case
  2. Normally, the phone will only warm-up if the phone is warm during charging while playing games or watching videos, calling or using the internet on a bad mobile network. Because it consumes a lot of energy It is recommended if calling or using the internet to use in areas with strong signals. If the phone heats up over time or exceeds the usage period, you must stop using the phone and leave it for a moment.
  3. Restart the phone and make sure you have the latest version of Realme UI.

Slow Charging Problem

  1. Use Realme real USB adapters and chargers.
  2. Check your charger and USB adapters for damage. And have a tight connection, not loose, and try changing the charger cable or another USB adapter And try charging again
  3. Check the charging temperature. Temperatures that exceed 45 degrees Celsius Will reduce the efficiency of battery charging, charging will be slower and take longer to charge
  4. Close all applications and avoid using the phone while charging.

Note- If the problem is still not resolved, contact the help team Realme, or bring your phone. , Chargers, purchase documents, And warranty card Go to the local Realme service center for expert help.

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